Thursday, March 5, 2015

All Around The World.

Spring/Summer 2015

Trend Prediction

Just this past year, I moved 2000 miles away to California and was placed with five random female roommates. Yes, to say the least, it was a tad overwhelming because placing six girls in an apartment not knowing one another sounds like a pilot episode of the Real World. Besides getting to know everyone and becoming friends, a HUGE take away I got from this experience was learning all of my roommate's cultures and traditions. From relationship traditions to political issues, I heard aspects from German culture, Chinese culture, Hungarian culture, and Canadian culture. 

Within schooling, we are only taught so much about other cultures, so I feel like we are automatically interested in something that is not familiar with. Within 2015, society will be seeing trends in the fashion world that show off cultural prints and garments. By doing this, designers are making the world of different cultures seem much smaller by exposing us to outfits and pieces that may hint to replicating a specific culture.

Faith Popcorn brings two trends from society that helps us further understand!

The first main trend is Clanning. Popcorn reports that Clanning is "belonging to a group that represents common feelings, causes, or ideals; validating one's own belief system."
 Our society thrives on belonging to a group that share similar interests. Whether it is something as simple and upfront such as gender or sexuality, or something more detailed like cultural traditions and religion--we find comfort in people who are "like us." This applies to the fact of fashion being culture inspired for this season.

The second trend that we are going to be noticing is named Future Tense. This is basically the thought of society feeling tense because of anxieties in the worlds of the economy, politics, and ethics. I chose to highlight this trend because Future Tense is what will be driving our society into the trend of Clanning. Because of all the anxieties we have, finding people who are feeling similar to us is going to be what is most comforting. Future Tense is going to have a heavy impact on consumers looking for clothing that reminds them of something that is comfortable for them such as their culture.

Fashion Forecast

The next five featured designers bring the trend of culture to the highest level. Now, trust me, I do understand that these looks are highly fashion forward, BUT I am challenging you to step out of just exploring culture through a simple Aztec print. Lets just try to take it to the next level!

First Stop: Japan

Designer: Fisico

Our first designer, Fisico, is showing a high-fashioned looked of the modern day Kimono. Both looks are showing a hint of an original Japanese tradition of the Kimono, but with that modern day twist of high cuts, flashy patterns, and low neck-lines. This look will take the fearless trend setter to the next level of showing tradition with a very modern twist.

Next Stop: Argentina

Designer: Daniela Gregis

Daniela Gregis takes us into the vibrant being of what reminds me of an Argentinian influence. These bright, flowing dresses draw brings attention to to whom ever decides to rock this look! Personally, I love the simplicity of the long, flowing dress matched with a vibrant color. These outfits show a comfortable yet hold dressed-up appeal. 

All Aboard To: China

Designer: Kokon to Zai (KTZ)

KTZ serves us street style matched with the simplicity of a Chinese bamboo hat. What I really love about this look is that the headwear flows with the intenseness of the outfit. Both of these styles exemplify a futuristic army appeal with the twist of a traditional Chinese influence.

Final Stop: Africa

Designer: Sophia Webster

I absolutely love everything about these looks mainly because this line is presented like art work. Between the background, accessories, and make-up these models are shown as if they belonged to a modern day tribe. I love that this line is showing swimwear because it brings a high fashioned, edgy-ness to the simplistic category of swimwear. Yes this look is far-fetched for the average trend setter, but it is definitely possible to step out of your comfort zone while staying true to yourself.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little trip about the fashion world. Be expecting this Spring and Summer to be full of cultural influences that flows with the societal trend of coming together because of similar interest. I am excited to see who steps out and steps up their fashion game!