Friday, September 11, 2015

Hair's What's Happening.

Trend Review Late Summer/Early Fall 2015

For anyone who does not know me personally, hair has always been something I express myself through. 

Prime example: Jazzmyne's Hair in the Last Year via Selfies

Within at least the past year, the trend of having awesome, expressive hair has trickled-down to main stream society. We can see now even in runway shows and advertisements that show models will have "different" colored hair/awesome cuts/ or the bold statement of no hair at all! We can relate all of these expressive hair statements to trends going on in society, which thankfully is explained by Society Trend Expert, Faith Popcorn.


Faith Popcorn's studies bring up these two correlating trends of "Clanning" and "EGOnomics". Clanning basically is the trend of feeling comfortable in groups with similar interests, beliefs, and opinions. With the trend of expressive hair, society feels more comfortable now because there are other "normal" people expressing themselves with their hair too.

The trend of "EGOnomics" is the part of the hair trend that explains why we want to stand out and be different with our expressions. These two obviously go together because as much as we want to be individuals with our expressions; we also want to feel a comfort of acceptance.
**NOW REMEMBER- this is society as a whole, because I know there were some of us rocking expressive hair a long time ago and society thought we were nuts:)**


I have condensed popular hair trends into 3 sections of the 3 B's: Braids, Buns, and Brights.

1). "Whip Them Braids"

 YAAAASSSSSS. If I had hair, you KNOW I would be all about this braid trend. I decided to choose these pictures because they show all levels from an "Every Day" look to more "Expressive" look depending on your style! If you have hair and havent tried this trend of awesome braids yet, take a step out and give it a go! Braids are hot and so much fun to play with! 

2). "Unless You Got Buns Hun!"

Well a big THANKS to our girl Miley Cyrus for making this look "acceptable" at the VMAs last year! Buns are everywhere I look in Los Angeles and I really do love this trend too. I feel, depending on the outfit of course, that a nice top-knot can bring a bit of edginess to a sophisticated outfit. And my gosh the more buns you have the more fun you are! LOVEEE<3

3). "Shine Bright/Shine Far...Dont Be Shy...."

MY FAVORITE TREND<3 Bright, colorful hair gives me life. From soft pastels to colorful tips to your whole damn head a different color is just so refreshing to see because I feel like "unconventional" colored hair has been look down upon for so long. Now, thankfully, we see acceptance of these awesome colors! The third trend setter pictured with that awesome purple head of curls is legitimately the MVP of this category in my opinion.

SO ladies and gentleman- I leave you with this Hair Trend Review for Late Summer/Early Fall 2015 and I suggest trying it out! Whether you be rocking some buns, whipping them braids, or flaunting your colorful hair wear it with confidence because we all know confidence matches everything!


**All photographs from WGSN.**