Thursday, January 29, 2015

We Gotta Fight-For the Right-For Fashion.


Trend Prediction

Injustice has been happening in society since the beginning of time. Within the last three years, we have seen our society react in protests, shut downs, and social media black outs. This growing mistrust leads us into a difficult time for Spring/Summer 2015 in having to constantly watch our backs and wondering if opportunities are just too good to be true. 

Faith Popcorn, CEO of BrainReserve-futurist-and my trend hero- helps us understand these trends alittle bit better through her catchy definitions.

Popcorn’s theory of “Atmosfear” really drives into the uncertainty of our society. Very often do we find ourselves trying to complete simple daily tasks such as going to the mall or just driving without us thinking, “What if something went wrong?”
Popcorn’s trend “Icon Toppling” goes hand-in-hand with our society standing up for ourselves and speaking out. Not only are we having anxiety about everyday tasks, but also now we are questioning our trust in everyone and everything we come across. Because of the tarnished reputations that are being broadcasted, our society is questioning the trust in forms that are here for our protection. 


All of this mistrust, anxiety, and constant fear--leads our fashion to be on our toes and ready for whatever battle is brought before us. With military and army attire influences, we see a strong color palette of navy, light moss, barely beige, and of course--black. We will also notice over-sized, over-done detailing and a tired, distressed fabric choice.

Marc Jacobs "Ready To Wear" S/S 2015

Greg Lauren "Ready To Wear" S/S 2015


Jacobs and Lauren's Ready To Wear S/S line both embody societies mistrust and anxiety in their lines that portray our combative fashion sense. My Advice: Be Ready To Kick Some Fashion A**!


Friday, January 23, 2015


Location: Runyon Canyon

The weight of these words hitting my ears is NEVER pleasurable—until now. We all have pressures in our lives and what we want to do when we are “older” seems to be a bigger pleasure the older we get. Where am I going to work? How much money am I going to make? Will I still be living with my parents? –normal questions to be asking ourselves once we hit that “I just graduated college and still have no idea what I am doing.!” We get to this point of balancing sending out resumes to hundreds of businesses and having bottles of wine for dinner.

Maybe five months before my graduating University of St. Francis, I decided that I was going to apply to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Downtown Los Angeles. I found out that I had gotten into the program at FIDM the month I actually graduated. While moving to Los Angeles at age 23—I STILL DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE.

Now after being in L.A. and surrounded not only by opportunity but the fashion of every walk of life, 
I would like to say I have found my calling. 


Essentially—trend forecasting is analyzing events in society and predicting the trend for the upcoming seasons. A trend forecaster takes the economy, politics,  popular celebrities, color swatches, fabrics, and hem-lines (to name a few) and forecasts with reasoning as to why this will be trending in a year to a year and a half out. So when we forecasting in Spring/Summer 2015—we are forecasting for Fall/Winter 2016.

With this blog—I will be providing not only education for my readers, but a reason why things are happening in fashion.  Unless you are in the industry- there is a good chance you know none of this…so, youre welcome.

Jazzmyne J.