Saturday, February 21, 2015

All Eyes On You.

Spring/Summer 2015

Trend Prediction

When you walk down a busy people notice you? Or do you think you just blend in? Now think of when you actually notice someone. There is something about that specific person that just instantly grabs your attention. Within the year 2015, our society is striving to be noticed through routes of personal customization, "unnatural" pastel hair colors, or by attention grabbing clothes. The trend I will be bringing to the forefront is act of intentionally grabbing random attention from upbeat, bold and bright clothing. 

Of course, lets bring this to Faith Popcorn aka Society's Trend Master Mind!

Faith Popcorns' trend of "Fantasy Adventure" definitely plays a
huge role in why our society is wanting to be noticed. She explains this as "our desire for roads untaken." Because of society being so used to the typical, cookie-cutter clothing and way of life, we are now trying to explore routes we havent ever thought of taking before. To some of society, wearing attention grabbing clothing is not something that they feel confident doing. This trend of being noticed for the bold clothing we are wearing gives our society a satisfying rush.

Faith Popcorn also mentions the trend of "Pleasure Revenge." This thought of pleasure revenge is goes with the point that society has stuck in a "box" for too long. We have been told too many times what we have to wear and how we have to look...and we are so sick of it! So this trend of wanting to be noticed comes BIG into play because it is complete satisfaction for us!

Fashion Forecast

How To Catch The Eye:

1. Bright, bold, colors just screaming at everyone
2. Mix-matching patterns that may be questionable--
3. The Power of the Skirt-- whether it be mini or mid-shin. ROCK IT!

Designer: Au Jour Le Jour S/S 2015

Pattern mixing is something that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Au Jour Le Jour is showing how noticeable the trend setter will be with loud graphics and mixing prints. These looks are screaming both confidence and fun with the attitude of "Go ahead and look!" 

 Designer: Manish Arora S/S 2015

Designer: Jean Paul Lespangnard S/S 2015

Both Manisha Arora and Jean Paul Lespangnard are mixing patterns but in a different, yet eye catching way.

 In the first example, my favorite, Arora is grabbing the your eye but with a very feminine twist to it. The large graphic crop top with the feminine floral detailing is very odd yet still flows all together. 

In Lespangnard's piece, the mixing is within the fabric finish. The top and bottom both appear to be tons of glitter. Whether it is or not, the glitter finish doesnt look like it goes together at first, but after the first second or two it really just flows. This is exactly what will catch the eyes of anyone walking past you! 

Designer: Roksanda Ilincic S/S 2015 

Of course, I love the patterns with these pieces and the color mixing, but what really catches my eye is the cut of the pieces in each look.
 The first look is such a busy pattern matched with this large, long dress. Usually when we see a pattern like this, it comes in a mini skirt or maybe shorts, but here Ilincic goes for the whole long hemline and still looks amazing!

I love this second look featured from Ilincic because it is extremely simple yet the extra fabric detail on the top brings dimension to the whole look. It will keep the on-lookers interested and the wear-er the center of attention.


Designer: Moschino S/S 2015

If you know me at all--my selection for favorite will not surprise you in the least. Moschino brings in the mini in a very attractive way but that is not the only reason your eyes are glued. The patterns, bold colors, and the confidence that the trend setter wearing this exudes is going to be EVERYTHING. I am not even sure if I have words for these looks. These are just the epitome of "all eyes on me."

So remember trend setters: attention on you is NEVER a bad thing. Rock the bold colors, loud patterns, mini skirts or long shin length skirts, and honestly whatever else you want! Keep that confidence flowing and your head held high.