Thursday, February 5, 2015

SHE is the New He.

Spring/Summer 2015

Trend Prediction

Whether our society wants to admit it or not, women are very often seen as the lesser of the two genders. From ratios on male to female CEO or the fact that women still to this day are being paid less then men are surrounds us with negative thoughts and presumptions. In the forecast for Spring/Summer 2015 we will be seeing the lines of gender blurred which allowed women to take on a more structured masculinity.

Once again, Faith Popcorn brings wit and creativity for society to understand this shifts!

Fantasy Adventure, or what I refer to as “Escapism.”  Women are beginning to be confident enough in to not base their appearance on femininity and are more so interested in exploring a more masculine fashion sense.

The second and most important aspect to this trend is what Popcorn refers to as “EVEolution.” The first place we will notice this “EVEolution” take over is in the business world. Businesses and companies are realizing that communication and trade is easier with a creating a relationship with workers instead of implementing a more masculine-based hierarchy.

Fashion Forecast

As I mentioned, all of this confidence is bringing women to be more comfortable with exploring the blurred area that separate gender. Therefore Spring/Summer 2015 brings you the POWER SUIT. Seriously I love them all.

"Relaxed Power" 

Designer: Akris
This Power Suit gives a sporty-casual feel mixed with the relaxation of the over-sized garment.  A very informal sense of femininity mixed with a masculine edge.
Designer: Céline
Here we see the "Belted Power Suit," and my gosh is it breath-taking. This suit creates a sense of relaxed comfort but commands power and attention.

"Power In Color"
Designer: Missoni
This piece is a very casual Power Suit that is actually pajama inspired. The aesthetic of the light, almost watercolor appearance gives this suit a chill vibe for a casual day.

Designer: Louis Vuitton
This Power Suit is calling the 1970's  with the vibrant, bold pattern in darker tones as well as the cut of the jacket being a little bit shorter.  Very chic for our trend setters in society.

Designer: Fendi
This Power Suit demands attention with its bold usage of color yet has an ease of comfortability because of the material flow.

"Power of Femininity"
Designer: Chloé
This Power Suit gives a sassy appeal with a sense of sophistication. I love the show the legs with the fully covered arms which gives it a sexual appeal.
Designer: Hugo Boss
This skirted Power Suit has cuts and dimensions influenced by futurism.  Obviously the skirt shows a bit of femininity with a bold, box-like jacket. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!


Designer: Thierry Mugler
This Power Suit brings THE ULTIMATE sophistication and sex appeal. This commands the society to immediately look and envy whoever is wearing this. HANDS DOWN LOVE.

Designer: Chanel
And of course, best Power Suit goes to Chanel. MY GOODNESS this is a masterpiece---actually a 3 piece Power Suit. It is feminine with a sexy masculine edge.

With the Power Suit coming into style we can only assume our modern day women will be blurring the gender lines confidence. With Escapism and EVEolution making its way through society, the success of the Power Suit will be endless!

Remember Ladies, Confidence is Beautiful!

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